Marketing and Communications Expertise

Areas of Specialization


strategic positioning, Creative briefs and brand storytelling

Who are you for and why do you matter? That is the essential question strategic positioning seeks to answer. Your brand positioning should identify who your communications speak to, what you want that audience to believe and why it’s true. The creative brief informs a campaign or specific communication and requires a shift from linear, analytic thinking to a more nonlinear method of knitting together seemingly unrelated information (tension and insight) to inspire creative teams to come up with great work.

Digital marketing

Anyone with a few bucks can buy impressions and clicks. We take a strategic approach to your digital marketing and lead generation activities by working with you to set goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely. It’s about digging deep to understand your best potential customers; then delivering the ads and content to hit your KPI’s.


Fundraisers have a big advantage forging emotional connections because they represent causes. And causes inspire people, creating the kinds of lasting emotional connections marketers prize like gold. The opportunity for fundraisers is to articulate and elevate their brand through compelling storytelling; which is done by applying strategic branding principles and discipline. The process is described in the book I co-authored with Rob Conrad called Inspiring Generosity: Marketing Techniques for Fundraising Visionaries. The result is more relevant messaging, consistently delivered. And that means more money raised.